LA Underground Market

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Location, password and menu will be mailed out the evening before the event

The LA Underground Market (LAUM) is a venue for passionate home cooks, caterers and future restaurateurs to showcase their talents and get valuable feedback from members, who come to our members-only-events to taste unique food creations in small portions.

Our private events are held in secret, rotating locations , which are being emailed to members the night before, together with a password. This is to assure that only members can enter.

Every person has to sign up - even if a spouse or friend is bringing them! If we were to let someone enter, without having signed the waiver, it would make it a 'public event' and we'd be subject to potentially getting shut down.

You will find meat centric dishes, as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food.

The entrance fee is $ 10 and the food is $ 1-5

Sat. July 26th



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Favorite culinary member of June

Monica Kochhar - Old Scratch

Monica Kochhar, chef and creative behind Old Scratch restaurant concept, aims to deliver not just a compelling culinary experience, but a destination celebrating history's most recognizable purveyor of indulgence - the Devil. Old Scratch. The Original Master of Temptation.

Old Scratch is currently catering major events as well as private parties. Invite Monica and her talented Old Scratch crew into your home - a personal chef and fine dining experience that will have you be the talk of any social circle.!

Indulge. Enjoy "The Devil's Comfort Food."